Vibrant Lotus



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Nisha is a painter who looks at the world with a poet's eyes. Nature is her primary muse, and its various nuances, such as the interplay of light and darkness, truly fascinate her. Deeply inspired by the works of French impressionist Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, JMW Turner, George Shaw and many other European master artists, she creates natural landscapes that bring out the subtle magic of a scene. Nisha works with a variety of strokes, and often uses meshes and spatulas, among other tools, to create her works. Her artworks contain a multitude of textures created with contrasting colours, and a distinct sense of depth, which makes viewers feel like they are in the paintings themselves. In addition, she favours the use of soothing tones, and subjects that everyone can relate to. Nisha Dial has also worked as Head of the Department in Queen Merry's School Tis Hazari, New Delhi and prepared countless children for preparing professional courses in Art Stream. Nisha Dial strongly believes that art helps us understand our world, improves the quality of life and makes us feel good. Which is why she aims to use her art to bring a little more joy and optimism to the world.

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