Oil on canvas

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After completing my studies, I found myself hopping from Kolkata to Delhi and Hyderabad, searching for that elusive spark of interest, but it remained elusive. It wasn't until I made the bold decision to head towards Mumbai that my journey truly began. Arriving in Mumbai in 1985, I was met with a challenging landscape. Balancing the pursuit of my dreams in this unfamiliar city with the responsibilities of caring for my elderly parents back in the village was no easy feat. Eventually, I landed a job at Novelty Talkies, painting film banners on Grant Road. It was a start, but the financial rewards were meager. However, fate had more in store for me. As I honed my craft, opportunities began to emerge. The role of an assistant art director beckoned, promising both intrigue and fulfillment. Surrounded by a diverse array of artists from prestigious institutions like Mumbai's JJ School of Art, Delhi Art Colleges, and Kolkata’s Art Colleges, I found myself immersed in an environment brimming with creativity. This was the nurturing ground I had longed for, where my talents could flourish and my ambitions take flight. Setting up my own studio in Dahisar, Mumbai marked a new chapter in my journey. Inspired by the beauty of Indian women, I felt compelled to capture their essence on canvas, weaving their stories into ibrant works of art. Through perseverance and passion, I found my place in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Each stroke of the brush brought me closer to realizing my dreams, and as I reflected on the winding path that had led me here, I knew that every struggle had been worth it. In the end, it was the unwavering belief in myself and the unwavering support of my loved ones that had carried me through.

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