Horse Series 248


Acrylic on canvas

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Everyone knows about power, beauty, strength and many other aspects in it. There is no need to elaborate more about the subject “Horse”.

The subject itself is enthusiastic. Along with this, it is very challenging to portray it in paintings. I have tried to keep the realistic anatomy/ proportion of horses without trying to stylize it. Sometimes I have simplified the form. My paintings are trying to capture the movement of the horse through bold strokes and vibrant colures showing its strength, power, beauty and force, the different semi circles in my paintings unleashes the power of horses to run towards the goal.

I mainly uses acrylics, but has used different mediums like oil, water colures, pastels, pencils. I like working with acrylics because I think it suits my nature as I likes to use bold strokes in my paintings and loves the textures through brush strokes. And the strokes together create the depth in my paintings.

Studio and residence in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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