Centripetal and Centrifugal Permutations


Acrylic on canvas

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My artwork is a gateway to meditation and concentration, embracing the richness of colors and images. Colors hold a potent sway over the mind, providing therapeutic experiences and transporting individuals to unique realms. My artistic aim is to reach the soul through visuals, promoting release and inner peace. Embodying the "Happy Vibration Theory," my paintings resonate with high-frequency emotions like joy, love, gratitude, and contentment, evoking positivity and uplifting the viewer's spirit. The image will help you to meditate, concentrate and make you realize the depth of colors and strength of images. Color is capturing individual mind, relating to the conscious mind and takes you to different world, as well as it works as a color therapy to the mind. I am trying to touch the soul with the visual material. In short, I try to release the body, mind and soul through my brush. The work has high visual attraction which holds the mind and induce “P e a c e”

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