Where the river takes us


Mixed media relief


She remembers watching a video called ‘Powers of ten’ published by Eames Office where the camera zoomed out from a close-up of a person on earth to a view that showed the entire universe which, then in turn zoomed in again, but this time to show the inside of a proton of a carbon atom within a DNA molecule. The image it created embedded in my mind. A tiny speck of dust, all-encompassing and powerful in its own right. She wanted to react to everything that was around me with this newly found recognition and sense of appreciation. Through her work she wanted to show an element of fantastic fused with realism along with symbolic forms derived from nature. The details, patterns allowed her to capture the idea that even a tiny speck of dust has the potential to contribute and encapsulate all of creation. The dot in this sense became as important as the picture it will contribute to. Drawing her inspiration from nature in my neighbourhood, or places I visited, I started to piece together montages that highlighted or summarised my encounters.

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