Terracotta Sculpture

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After getting his B.V.A. from the Government College of Art & Craft in 1996,Atish Mukherjee worked as an animator for film and print media for twenty years. His love for pure painting led him to have several exhibitions, where his talent was recognised and encouraged. In the artist’s words :- “I paint. So does nature, in all its glory! The intrinsic thread binding nature and myself to our passion is, I believe, unselfish and eternal love. What could have been a better expression of relentless love and submission to our Creator, than to share the passion of nature itself, of which I am a part. I believe, even if it is challenged time and again, love will continue to brighten our lives till the last days of our very existence. For me, love is what makes life worth living ... so unassuming, so simple.” Atish’s fascination with nature and folk-art led him to experiment with forms and concepts. His works reflect his deep understanding of folk and rural art, be it ‘madhubani’ of Bihar, the ‘patachitras’ of Midnapore, or ‘warli’ art of Maharashtra. His style is based on his perception of certain elements of nature – which he uses to depict human feelings and relationships. Depending on his theme, he changes his style from realistic to abstract and semi-abstract, moving effortlessly from media like pen and ink on tea-washed paper, to acrylics on canvas, to tempera on stretched cloth. He has recently begun working in terracotta and metal, creating 3-dimensional works that resonate with his tempera paintings. Atishtruly is an artist who is constantly reinventing himself.

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