Transient 7


Oil on Canvas

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Nitya Soni is a self-made artist. Born in Dankaur, a small-town in Uttar Pradesh, Nitya remembers sketching as a child and by the time he was thirteen years old he had already started painting on canvas with oil and acrylic. Although not formally trained, Nitya sees himself as an Eklavya, who, thanks to the widespread social media access of his generation, learned painting by observing and watching the work of artists whose art he deeply admired. One artist who has left an indelible mark on him is Raja Ravi Varma. Much like Raja Ravi Varma, Nitya’s art is an examination and representation of realism. He, with his training in physics, is also deeply moved by motion and is concerned with depicting social life, non-human living, as well as colors in motion, paying very careful attention to what is left visible and invisible in the process.

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