Illuminated Path


Acrylic on canvas

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Ajay Meshram is a Mumbai-based abstract artist with a fine arts degree in Drawing & Painting, graduating with top honours in Maharashtra in 2011. Ajay Meshram specialises in a "non-representational," "non-objective," or "non-figurative" style. His work incorporates natural abstract forms and textures to reflect nature's vibrations, often highlighting the soft aspects within hard forms. His serene paintings use colours and techniques to create an aura of subliminal emancipation, engaging viewers with their transformation of opacity. He enhances his canvases with abstract forms inspired by nature. Dedicated to art, Ajay Meshram has participated in 40 group shows, 4 solo shows, 6 camps, and numerous competitions, winning several awards. His paintings are held in private collections in India and abroad.

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