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Shukti Singh Roy, after a successful 25-year banking career, decided to embark on a creative journey by immersing herself in ceramics. Driven by a passion for art’s transformative potential, she transitioned from the corporate world to mould clay, exploring its properties and shaping it into meaningful creations. The joy of unpredictability in the kiln’s unveiling added wonder to this newfound artistic path.

Believing in ceramics as a powerful medium for change and social contribution, Shukti specializes in crafting pieces featuring bees, rickshaws, architecture, and landscapes.

Her work has gained recognition nationally, being selected for India Story’s 5th Edition in December 2019 and the ICAF show at Kalakriti Gallery in March 2023. Shukti’s creations have also reached international audiences in Singapore and London, available at TGS, The Gallery Store in Kolkata.


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Commissioning Artwork

Looking to commission a bespoke piece of artwork that perfectly aligns with your vision? At Kalastrot, we offer a comprehensive commissioning service tailored to your needs. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Define Your Vision: Start by articulating your concept and preferences for the artwork, including themes, size, style, and any specific elements you desire.
  2. Research and Select: Browse through our curated selection of talented artists or explore our commissioned works to find the perfect match for you.
  3. Initial Contact: Reach out to us to discuss your project and provide us with a detailed brief outlining your vision and requirements.
  4. Consultation and Agreement.


We’ve always wanted a painting that depicted Varanasi. When Bidisha told me she had started Kalastrot the first thing I told her was to source a painting for me. She diligently sent me paintings from various artists over a period of 6 months. Finally when I saw the one I liked she got it made exactly to my specifications and got it delivered to us. The professionalism and warmth is one thing that stands out for me having dealt with Kalastrot. Wish you all the best in your endeavours and may you spread Indian art all over the world.

Smita Dhar
Yoga Coach from Singapore

I was speechless upon receiving a commissioned painting from Kalastrot, gifted by a friend. The artwork, originally depicting Radha and Krishna, was reimagined to show the love and devotion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, as I had wished. I had admired the original at an exhibition and expressed my desire for such a representation. My friend heard this and made it happen, and the result is extraordinary. The painting perfectly captures my vision, and I am truly awestruck by its beauty and craftsmanship.

Dr. Rup Kaur Sidhu

"I was introduced to Kalastrot through my classmate, Bhaskar and was impressed by the wide range of affordable art pieces. I commissioned two pieces - One from Dhiren Shasmal in Kolkata and the other from Raj Maji in Mumbai and was kept up to date on the progress with periodic videos and my feedback was always welcomed. The paintings were delivered on time and in good condition. Both pieces were better than expected and now adorn my walls with pride. I highly recommend Kalastrot to anyone interested in art."

Sandeep Mookharjea
Senior HR Professional Singapore

"Bidisha works with very talented artists. Their art is very intricate and beautiful. They customise it based on your requirement.”

Jewellery Designer Consultant New Jersey ,USA

I am so pleased that we have a wonderful curator artists. Last month we needed a unique gift for a special guest and I reached out to the team to suggest a painting. The work they suggested was perfect and we could give a beautiful painting to our guest. Art and culture are important elements to revitalise and restore the human spirit. I am so happy that Kalastrot is focussing their talent and energies in promoting Indian art and artists from all over the country. I wish the team of Kalastrot all the very best in their endeavours

Meghna Ghai Puri
President Whistling Woods International

We found the entire collection very well curated with lot of attention to depth & variety - can only be achieved by a connoisseur of art We were looking for paintings for our home and found atleast 3-4 amazing ones and finally zeroed into “the monk” - the detailing and overall mood was something that just grows on you - kudos to prakash ghadge

Gopal Khetan
Investment Banker

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