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The exclusive  go to source for Art in any form . We are passionate about the bewildering magic that thought forms and unique visons create on canvas and other materials. We curate and promote both new artists and established names who create contemporary and modern art by seeing the world and life with an unparalleled and unique vision. Kalastrot values the talent and creativity of such budding artists who with their passion for art of various forms are speaking to the world through their creatives. We partner them in their journey.

Amongst the earliest renowned Indian artists was Raja Ravi Verma, who fused Western artistic techniques with a purely Indian sensibility. British rule and their academic system brought about European influences in Indian art. It was the Bengal School of Art that moved the Indian art scene away from the western influences and toward traditional Indian art styles.

To discover the lesser known Indian talent and reveal their talent to the world on a tech platform was the thought behind the inception of Kalastrot. The company was co-founded by Bidisha and Bhaskar in January 2022. Who ever thought that two career bankers could delve deep into art, understand and define an intention to encourage such artists across the country and promote their art.

The name Kalastrot was coined thoughtfully thereafter and as the meaning goes, the whole idea was to build this platform and transform this as a reservoir for genuine, good quality art by the budding artists of India thus providing them a direction for a sustainable living.

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Uttara Samant

Uttara completed her diploma in Fine Arts. She focusses both on figurative and abstract art. She has taken part in a lot of art exhibitions – India Art Festival 2022, 2019 and 2018; Bombay Art Society 1983; DD Neroy Art Gallery 2018; Bombay Art and Sports 1984, 1986,1996; S L Raheja School of Art 1978-79, Bombay Suburban Exhibition of Paintings by EVES 1984,1985,1986 to name a few.

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vijay raut
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Uttara Samant
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Sujit Roy
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    "Bidisha works with very talented artists. Their art is very intricate and beautiful. They customise it based on your requirement.”

    Jewellery Designer Consultant New Jersey ,USA

    I am so pleased that we have a wonderful curator artists. Last month we needed a unique gift for a special guest and I reached out to the team to suggest a painting. The work they suggested was perfect and we could give a beautiful painting to our guest. Art and culture are important elements to revitalise and restore the human spirit. I am so happy that Kalastrot is focussing their talent and energies in promoting Indian art and artists from all over the country. I wish the team of Kalastrot all the very best in their endeavours

    Meghna Ghai Puri
    President Whistling Woods International

    We found the entire collection very well curated with lot of attention to depth & variety - can only be achieved by a connoisseur of art We were looking for paintings for our home and found atleast 3-4 amazing ones and finally zeroed into “the monk” - the detailing and overall mood was something that just grows on you - kudos to prakash ghadge

    Gopal Khetan
    Investment Banker

    Our Mission

    “At the heart of our mission lies a profound respect for the diverse perspectives that shape the landscape of contemporary and modern art. These artists, each with their unparalleled and unique vision, challenge conventions, provoke thought, and inspire us to see the world through fresh eyes. Through our curation and promotion efforts, we seek to foster a deeper appreciation for the art of seeing and interpreting life in all its richness and complexity.”

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