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Exploring the Real World

Exploring the Real World

By Bidisha Saha, our chief curator in the Art Journal, May 2023 edition

Delhi based artist, Sajal Patra has been exploring his artistic pursuits for over 3 decades. In his journey he has transitioned from realistic works to depicting the “journey within”. His daily meditation regime has catapulted him to go beyond the physical and connecting with the metaphysical soul.

This spiritual journey has been a very “fulfilling experience” for him and we can see the harvesting of those motifs  in his works over the past few years.

His current series is called the “Rhythm of Infinity”. He emphasizes that understanding the physical world and the physical body are transitory and is just a matter of time when that will transcend into the other world.

The non-physical world and our presence in it as a non-physical entity already exists under the law of quantum physics. And it is this understanding of the non-physical world that layers the landscape of Sajal’s art.

Marrying the laws of physics with the inner spiritual journey of oneself and then breathing then out on canvas has been a cathartic experience for him.

“Rhythm of Infinity” series is focused on the other “real” world or the journey from the physical to the non-physical. His inspiration for these current works began to sprout when he was travelling alone in the mountains seeking answers from deep within .

The unfettered form and presence of the mountains humbled him to reflect deeply on the existence of another world and possibility of life after death. Which makes this body of work more eclectic; more mystic and liberating from the constraints of the usual and expected. The colours he uses are reflective of his pensive and serene mind and it instantly envelopes the viewer ; soothing and calming him/her.

The observer and the observed coalesce into one in this journey.

“Rhythm of Infinity” is a spatiotemporal  merger and the spirit lives on immortally. There is no color or form in that world and the spirit has no form.

I can easily see how Sajal has subtly introduced the other world beautifully in his art bringing forth the mesmerizing journey of the soul from the known to the unknown and back to the known.

I strongly recommend that Sajal Patra’s work “Rhythm of Infinity” be experienced at Hirji, Jehangir Art Gallery from the 15th of May. It is the closet you will get to an out of body experience.

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