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We are committed to share rare work with art connoisseurs around the world.

Kalastrot – The exclusive  go to source for Art in any form . We are passionate about the bewildering magic that thought forms and unique visons create on canvas and other materials. We curate and promote both new artists and established names who create contemporary and modern art by seeing the world and life with an unparalleled and unique vision.

Mission: We are committed to share their work with  art connoisseurs around the world.

Vision: Kalastrot values the talent and creativity of such budding artists who with their passion for art of various forms are speaking to the world through their creatives. We partner them in their journey.

Indian art has a rich and complex history spanning thousands of years. However, the artists of ancient India, who created magnificent works like the murals in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora are not known by name.

Amongst the earliest renowned Indian artists was Raja Ravi Verma, who fused Western artistic techniques with a purely Indian sensibility. British rule and their academic system brought about European influences in Indian art. It was the Bengal School of Art that moved the Indian art scene away from the western influences and toward traditional Indian art styles.

To discover the lesser known Indian talent and reveal their talent to the world on a tech platform was the thought behind the inception of Kalastrot. The company was co-founded by Bidisha and Bhaskar in January 2022. Who ever thought that two career bankers could delve deep into art, understand and define an intention to encourage such artists across the country and promote their art.

 The name Kalastrot was coined thoughtfully thereafter and as the meaning goes, the whole idea was to build this platform and transform this as a reservoir for genuine, good quality art by the budding artists of India thus providing them a direction for a sustainable living.

Kalastrot has sourced art from various artists across India. We source from legends in the making; artists who have created a unique language and style of their own and have already found an audience for themselves in art galleries, corporate houses etc.

We also curate from  artists who are pursuing a dream; a passion in art or have passed from various art schools of India – Shanti Niketan, Kolkata Art College, JJ School of Arts, Baroda Art College, Banaras Hindu University etc.

Kalastrot  supports  budding artists and brings their talent to  the national and international space. So we would urge art lovers, art collectors, art curators to encourage and support Kalastrot and enable numerous talent to get the exposure and platform they truly deserve.

Our artists bring their uniqueness blended with traditional Indian techniques of artistic creation. Whether canvas art, water colour art, pencil or ink art (sketches), charcoal art etc, their imagination is captured through a medium which is invaluable to an art connoisseur.

Kalastrot was born to celebrate art. Kalastrot was envisaged as a collaborative journey into the deeper layers of  aesthetics as it has evolved from the depths of Ajanta & Ellora to the digital canvasses of the iPad.



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